Useful Links


Please check the Document Container link to access research links for Texas.  I have many links for our research, and they are organized by unit.  I do have some general links and a link for some interesting facts in general.  Students are welcome to email links for research to me, which I will assess for viability in our research, and then decide to add or not to add to our list.

At no time will students be allowed to go directly to any search engine, such as Google@, and will be allowed to access only those on my links list, while at school.  Failure to follow this directive may result in the student not being allowed on the computer for the duration of the assignment.  

This site will contain general and specific links to be used for research in our class.  All external links are intended for educational purposes only. The Liberty Hill Independent School District is not responsible for questionable or controversial content that may be found through links external to this site.

Overall great general  site:

This is the textbook site, which will lead to many other links.