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Class Syllabus and Requirements:
7th Grade Social Studies
Texas History
Students  in the 7th grade will study the history of Texas from the early colonial period through the modernization of Texas.  Historical content will focus on key historical figures, issues, conflicts, and social events that occurred during the major eras of Texas History.  Students will also learn and practice social studies skills, such as research techniques, use of primary and secondary sources, use of technology, problem solving processes, and decision-making processes.  They will also practice time management and materials organization skills. 


First Six Weeks:

Geography of Texas:  Regional diversity and map skills Native Americans and European Exploration

Fourth Six Weeks:

Republic of Texas, Statehood, Civil War

Second Six Weeks:

European Exploration, Colonization and the Texas Revolution

Fifth Six Weeks:

Civil War,  Reconstruction, Frontier Wars, and Economic Development

Third Six Weeks:

Texas Revolution and the Republic of Texas

Sixth Six Weeks:

Modern Texas and Government

Behavior Expectations:

¨      Students will be held accountable for their decisions, with both positive rewards and strict consequences applied per the school and district policies.


Academic Expectations: 

v     Students will be responsible for all assignments.  Every effort will be made to use class time wisely, reducing the need for homework.  In my class, homework will primarily consist of reading assignments, project construction or research, or quiz/test review, but it should be expected that periodically there might be unfinished classroom work that needs to be completed before the next class period, other than what is listed.


v     Tutorials:  My tutorial schedule is as follows, and all students are welcome to make an appointment for other days, if there is a conflict.




Tuesday and Thursday 




v    Class Procedures and Materials: 
·        A daily agenda will be on the overhead when students enter the classroom, and they are expected to write the necessary information in their planners.  A list of daily procedures is posted in the classroom.  
·        Students must bring to class EVERY day:


1.     Composition Notebook

2.      Writing utensils (black or blue pen and a red pen) 

3.      LHMS Planner-to be completed from overhead list each day 

4.      AR books (Very seldom will a student have “free” time, but just in case, they may read their AR book.) 

*Special materials: If additional material is needed for projects, such as poster board, etc., that I can’t furnish, then I will announce the need for these materials prior to the due date, with plenty of time for gathering whatever is needed. 


ü     Accountability:  

 Grade Reports:

All students will receive a three -week progress report, in addition to the six -week report card.  I will call home if I have a specific academic or behavior concerns or compliments (yes, I really do make happy calls!)  Parents are urged to email me or call the school for an appointment to see me.  My conference period is 10:28-11:15 a.m.

 Grading Policy:

Daily Work = 50%; Tests (Includes Final Projects) = 50%
Late Work:  1 day late= 70 pts. ; 2nd day late = 0. Students can complete the assignment in Homework Hall to be able to receive some credit for the assignment.  The highest grade the student could receive would be a 50.
Note:  Test corrections or re-tests will be announced at the time of the test, but with adequate preparations, students should not need this service.

Web page:

 Please check my web page weekly for assignment and homework updates, as well as special announcements and parent updates.

I sincerely look forward to being a partner with you in the education of one of Liberty Hill’s best and brightest!