Classroom Expectations

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Rules & Procedures

Mrs. Roberts

Language Arts

Rules & Procedures


Dear Students,

     A new year is upon us and I am very excited to begin working with you.  These are the policies of my classroom.  I am posting my class rules, routines and explanations of each so that you will know what to expect in my class.  If you are fully aware of what I expect of you, then you will know what to expect from surprises. We will work together happily for success!  If there is something that you do not understand, please ask me.

     Make a personal commitment right now to be  responsible and demonstrate excellence in academics and behavior.  I will help you along the way to achieve these goals.  At the end of the year , you will be much more responsible and you will feel very proud of yourself.  Invest the time and effort now in improving yourself and your future.  The results are worth it!


Mrs. Roberts


By the time you get to middle school, you have had a lot of school experience, and you know how to behave in a classroom situation.  You should have developed the ability to self monitor and control your actions to a large extent, and you will be expected to do so in my class.  Therefore, there are only four rules in my class.  They are easy to remember, and I expect you to think about your actions before you proceed.

              The Class Rules Are:

                1. Be polite

                2. Be prepared

                3. Be positive

                4. Be productive


1. Individual

    a. Be prepared for class

        *Pencil sharpened and have a pen

        *Binder, reading book, paper

        * Homework

    b. Be ready at the tardy bell

        *Be seated in your assigned seat

        *Have supplies on desk

    c.  Backpacks or bags are not  allowed in the classroom.

2. Testing

    a. eyes on own paper

    b. raise your hand if you have a question

    c. not talking

    d. stay seated

3. Small Group

    a. Talk in six inch voices. 

    b. Stay in your group unless you are on a task related mission.

    c. Stay on task.

4. Substitute Teacher Days

    a. Negative Consequences

        *Any student whose name is recorded by the substitute as being a discipline

           problem will receive an automatic referral.

        *I will automatically contact parents with a full report.

    b. Positive Consequences

        * The best class will receive a coupon for each student.  This class must not have any names recorded for the period in which I was absent.  If all classes receive an excellent report, all students will get a coupon.


You do not have the right to waste others' time in my class with poor behavior and attitudes.  I have a zero tolerance for inappropriate rude behavior. These are the consequences for these behaviors:

1. warning

2. parent contact (phone or note)

3. team conference

4. office referral


Remember : showing that you are a responsible individual by following

                 the class rules and being a role model for others will earn you more

                freedom in the classroom.



1. Quality work has these things:

    a. Formatting


        *paper has a title on it

    b. Physical condition of paper

        *Paper is loose leaf

        *Paper is a full sheet, clean, uncrumpled, not torn

        *Ink must be dark blue or black. Pencil must be dark.

        *Paper should not have writing or drawing unless related to the assignment

    c. Writing

        *Works are legible

        *Letters should be well formed

        *Writing should be free of slang and symbols unless quoting or note taking

        *Drafts should be written or computer printed double spaced

        *Final drafts of essays should be typed in 12 or 14 fonts and double spaced.


    d. Book Assignments, Essay Questions, Worksheets

        *Answers are in complete sentences

        *Answers are elaborated

2. Papers that are turned in that do not meet with quality standards will be asked to redo them for a late grade.