Advanced ELA Reading Expectations


Students in Advanced Language Arts are expected to read two books per calendar month, September through May.

  • One Book Challenge Book
  • One Free Choice; 5 point minimum/8 points is preferred

Upon completing each book, students will complete a “One-Pager,” a one-page reflection of the book read and take an AR test to monitor comprehension. Students may complete the One-Pager and take the AR test at their own pace, as long as both are turned in on or before the due date.

Due Dates

Both the One-Pager and AR test are due on the last school day of each month. Dates marked with an asterisk * have been changed due to testing or grade reporting deadlines.

     September 30                               December 16*                  March 31                           

     October 31                                     January 31                         April 28

      November 30                               February 28                      May 19*



Students will earn one test grade for each book read.
The test grade will be calculated by taking an average
of the AR quiz grade and One-Pager grade.