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The student will use appropriate computer based productivity tools to create and modify solutions and problems. They will plan, create and edit documents created with word processor or using readable fonts, alignment, and page set up, tabs, ruler settings, headers/footers, and tables.


Create present, and publish original works as a means of personal or group expression.


Demonstrate proficiency in the use of variety of input devices such as mouse and keyboard


Demonstrate keyboarding proficiency in technique and posture; while building speed.

Date: Nov. 2-6

Subject:Tech Apps



Essential Question(s):






Lesson Procedures:

Monday day 2

  1. Type to learn assessment 5
  2. Student continue tabs and spacing assignment.

Tuesday Day 1/ Wednesday Day 2

  1. Type to Learn lesson 21
  1. Movie ratings assignment (activity 11)

Thursday day 1/Friday day 2

  1. Type to Learn lesson 22,23
  1. Finish activity 11 and start activity 13








Summer Camp

Indents Tabs and Spacing

Business/Personal Letter

Homework Connection: